Bosveld Game Lodge | South African Hunting Lodge


Welcome to Bosveld Game Lodge's hunting page. Besides our safaris and other ecotourism activities, we are also a hunting lodge welcoming local and international visitors. South African game hunting is as good as it gets!

Hunting Facilities

We're fully equipped with all the necessary facilities to make your hunt a big success. During hunting If your shot only injured the animal, our professional trackers are there to assist you in finding it. Once found and you've completed your hunt, we send out a recovery team. This way the animal doesn't need to suffer and you don't lose your hunt. Back at the lodge we have slaughtering facilities where a professional skinner properly skins the animal. After slaughtering the meat is hung in our cold room to ripen. Meat processing facilities are available.

A successful hunt always relies on certain rules being followed. As we take the safety of our visitors very seriously, here are a few simple rules to keep your trip fun and incident free.

Animals to hunt for free

  1. Jackal (Jakkals)

Weapons hire

Hunting Rifle Hire

Unable to bring your own rifle or don't have one? Don't worry, we still want you to have a great time and to complete your hunt. You can rent a rifle for hunting and be under our professional supervision to ensure all standard safety procedures are followed.

Hunting Rifle Hire starts from R300 per day. Various hunting rifles are available.

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