Hunting Preperations

Shooting Range

Shooting Range

Bosveld Game Lodge | Shooting Range

Here at Bosveld Game Lodge we have our own shooting range for hunting preperations. Train your sights, get familiar with your surroundings, wind conditions and other factors to ensure a well placed shot during your hunt.

The shooting range is especially important if you rent one of our rifles for your hunt – you get the chance to learn how the weapon works under professional supervision, as well as all the necessary safety procedures. We take safety and responsible weapon use very seriously, but don’t worry – overall it’s a very enjoyable, unforgettable experience!

Shooting Range Targets



      • Directly and immediately follow all given instructions.
      • Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
      • Always keep your finger of the trigger until ready to shoot.
      • Always keep your gun unloaded until you are at the firing line and ready to shoot.

Target Practice

Rifle & Bow Practice


Our one hundred meter (328ft) shooting range is long enough to familiarize yourself with the weapon. When out hunting most shots are placed within this distance.

You can practice either with your own weapon or with a hired hunting rifle. All weapons used on the range must be silenced as not to bewilder the nearby wildlife.

Bow hunters can also bring their bows and make use of the range to learn how the bow (and arrows) reacts to the surroundings.

Be sure to bring some sunscreen and enough ammo! 🙂